Education Matters. Use CBU to Empower Your Members.

The Car Buying University (CBU) is the premier web-based training portal for the credit union industry and its members. Through partnering with local credit unions, CBU promotes increased loan volume for those who are in the market for a vehicle.

“The Car Buying University’s course “Car Buying Mastery” is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle from a dealership in the US in the next 6 months!”

Mastering the Car Buying Process, One Member at a Time

CBU offers insider insights into the auto industry that encourages car buyers to finance all their automotive transactions through their credit union. The subject matter covered is built to address any knowledge that you, your members, and your employees need to further understand the car buying process.

Providing a Self-Paced E-course that Navigates the Learner Throughout the Car Buying Process

CBU offers the “Car Buying Mastery” course in tandem with credit unions so that their members can access automotive industry-specific content to enable their members to complete the purchase of a vehicle confidently and successfully from a dealership.

No Need to Spend Hours Creating Auto Industry Educational Content. Use Ours!

Step 1:

Register to be a Premier Credit Union Partner. (FREE!)

Step 2:

Provide a brief video introduction explaining why you are the best Credit Union fit for members.

Step 3: 

Refer Your Members and Loan Officers to the course to become empowered with understanding.

“Their Part With No Trouble”

"We used the Auto Assistant Buying Service through our Credit Union and the dealership did their part with no trouble, Thanks!"

- Barryd53

“Couldn’t Ask For More!”

"Great car buying experience. Stress free. Dealer and Auto Assistant CU Buying Service made it easy on me and my family. Delivered to the front door. Couldn't ask for more." - Ccamp0

“Pleasant Experience ...”

Easiest and most pleasant car purchase I've ever done. Our salesperson and was knowledgeable and fantastic. Very pleasant experience all the way around. - CJenkins

Are You Ready To 10X Your Auto Loan Growth This Year?

Due to post-pandemic troubles: last year’s collapse of the rental car market, ongoing production issues in the new-automobile business and droves of buyers with stimulus checks, along with a shortage of inventory, and prices soaring to historic levels nationally, a once-in-a-generation “perfect storm” has been created! Act Now!